Earth Star Fungus

Earth Star Fungus is a fungus that falls within the PuffBalls group of fungus. It is non-edible that there is no local names for it. In the Indonesian language, it is called colloquically as Candawan Earth Star. In Sabah, due to its shape and rarity, locals sometimes confuse it with a Rafflesia . Prospecting its potential depends on many factors, developing requires a consorted efforts, and commercialising requires the private sector

Kinabalu Narratives

Kinabalu is a unique mount found on the northern parts of Borneo.

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Rafflesia Mediatization

Rafflesia is a well-known organism among conservationists, naturalists and travellers. This parasitic flower plant has become a tourism attraction particularly for Sabah due to its rarity. To improve rural indigenous communities' socio-economic positions, the Sabah government has established a knowledge and skill transfer program as well as a networking program. Of course the participating communities might benefited more had they know about the importance of Rafflesia mediatization.

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Tuhau is a Kadazandusun term or word to represent a type of wild herb that is related to ginger. Nama latin tuhau ialah Etlingera coccinea,dan secara saintifik, tumbuhan ini pernah dijelaskan. Walaubagaimanapun, tidak ramai, kecuali kaum Kadazandusun, yang mengetahuai keistimewaan tumbuhan ini.

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