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The DnD Tavern-Sabah Chapter is a gaming concept that draws on the 'Drunken Dragon Games,' which is the first Cardano blockchain game.The Drunken Dragon Games is an Inns and Taverns for Adventurers simulator somewhat like RPG/Zelda and closer to Simcity. You're in charge of one of the inns and taverns that adventurers visit. You'll have quests from them as well as needs they might come across while exploring the land. DnD Tavern-Sabah Chapter reolves on matters pertaining to Sabah

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An Inn or Tavern is a place where adventurers may get a meal and rest. Inside of the inn/tavern looks nice.

but do not be fooled, even the outside of the inn is also interesting.

The idea of a lone gamer is really not true anymore. Up to 65 percent of gaming is now social. Played either online or in the same room with people we know in real life.

- Jane McGonigal

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A total of 10,001 GrandMaster adventurers (GMA) have been minted for the Drunken Dragon Games. GMAs are immortal. However, they may lose some power in a battle, and thus would require healing or rest. This characteristic is very different from adventurers.

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A 'Pixel Tile' is a unique aspect of DnD. A pixel tile is categorised into two (2) main categories i.e. adventurers and non-adventurer items.

Pixel Tile Adventurers are game characters that have the same functionality as the GrandMaster Adeventurers, except they are mortal.

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